Monday, September 13, 2010

Oscar's Rotten Birthday

Last week was Oo week which gave us an excuse to celebrate one of the grouchiest of Muppets, Oscar. We celebrated Oscar's Rotten Birthday in many different ways. We read the Oscar's Rotten Birthday book. The boys brought in a rotten birthday gift which included everything from a spoiled potato and a dirty diaper, to stinky mulch, a locust shell, and rotten bananas. (Note: make sure the students know to bring these in zip lock bags so you won't have a smelly classroom.) Each boy came to the front of the class and threw their gift in the garbage which we will be (according to our story) FedEx-ing up to Sesame Street in NYC. We then had a special rotten birthday snack which was the worms-in-dirt snack which most teachers have made a time or two. Our art center for the week was Oscar faces which are posted. It was a fun addition to the week and reminded me of how much I love teaching kindergarten! Just for the record, this is not my original idea so if you happen to be the original designer of this fun activity, thank you! :-)

Here are some cute Oscar links and videos:

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