Monday, September 30, 2013

Can you tell me how to get...


We enjoyed this fun video from Jimmy Fallon and The Roots in class this morning. Sesame Street always makes you feel good! It is something everyone shares a memory of. So I asked the boys....

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Here are their directions. 

Reese - Jump into the television
Will - Go left in an airplane. Then you go straight and you land in Sesame Street. 
Witt - Drive and try find a hidden portal to go in the ground and then you drive to another portal that leads you to Sesame Street. 
Noah - Find a big building and then once you get there you find the secret passage way. Then you shrink down and take the secret passage way to Sesame Street. 
Michael - Go in a magic sewer and then you run through the sewer until you get to the sewer at Sesame Street and then you climb out of the sewer on to Sesame Street. 
Madoc - I think you go to the top of a tall building, look for Sesame Street from there then jump off when you find it. 
Renat - Sit on a chair and the you press a green and red button  and the chair takes you to Sesame Street
Sohum - You can hand glide until you find it and then you can land and jump on your feet. 
Chris - Climb a tall tree with a vine that goes through the sky. Swing on the vine until you land on a cloud over Sesame Street then you jump down. 
Craig - Take an airplane, fly left, then straight, until you get to Sesame Street in Alabama. 
Whit- Take an airplane to Sesame Street. 

We all love Sesame Street here in SK and here are some of our favorite memories:
Kevin - You can make friends with the Sesame Street people. 
Michael - I like to see Oscar
Carter - I would like to sleep in Big Birds nest. 
Will - Going to see Elmo's World. 
Witt - Cookie Monster
Reese - I like to watch Cookie Monster eat cookies. 
Stephen - I would like to live in a trash can like Oscar. 
Reid - I like Snuffy. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Goodbye Summer! Hello Fall!

We are all ready to say goodbye summer here in Memphis! It has been hot, hot, hot and we are ready for some fall temperatures. As we wave goodbye to Summer 2013 we would like to share some of our favorite memories. The Fall season begins on Sunday so we are also going to share what we are looking forward to in Fall 2013!

Favorite Summer Memories 2013:
Kevin - going to Mexico for my birthday
Michael - swimming in my pool
Madoc - playing with my mom
Stephen - water park
Dudley - going to a really fun water park
Renat - going in the pool while I was on vacation
Reese - going to Destin a lot
Aadil - playing basketball with my brothers
Carter - playing basketball
Jackson - playing soccer
Whit - spending time with my family
Witt - going to the Children's Museum
Will - playing T-ball
Chris - going to my Grandma's house and getting a toy dragon at the toy store
Frank - having my birthday
Craig - playing all kinds of sports
Reid - going to the lake
Sohum - going to the Delta Fair

Here is what we are looking forward to this Fall:
Michael - jumping in the leaves when they fall down
Craig - going to the Children's Museum and going to my Nana's
Frank - raking leaves with my dad
Kevin - getting ready for Christmas
Chris - jumping in all the leaves
Stephen - Trick-or-Treating
Reese - Fall Break
Madoc - decorating my house for Halloween
Jackson - Halloween
Witt - Halloween
Will - carving a Jack-o-lantern
Reid - dressing up for Halloween
Aadil - seeing the leaves fall down
Carter - playing with the leaves
Witt - decorating my playhouse in the backyard for Halloween

Friday, September 6, 2013

Are you ready for some football?

The football season is upon us! The boys in my class love to talk sports and football is a hot topic these days. We have lots of favorite teams in here and here is a list of who we are rooting for this season! 

Kevin - New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers
Frank - Alabama
Craig - Dallas Cowboys
Michael - NY Giants and the Ole Miss Rebels
Madoc - NY Giants
Stephen - Steelers and the Memphis Tigers
Noah - NY Giants
Chris - Memphis Tigers
Aadil - Memphis Tigers and Baltimore Ravens
Renat - Memphis Tigers
Reese - Alabama
Dudley - Memphis Tigers
Carter - Tennessee Vols and Memphis Tigers
Reid - Oakland Raiders and the Memphis Tigers
Whitt - I don't watch football
Witt - Tennessee Vols
Sohum - Memphis Tigers
Will - Memphis Tigers & Ole Miss

Mrs. Thomas - Steelers
Mrs. Perry - Memphis Tigers and Florida Gators