Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If I could write a Caldecott winner...

This week we have been talking about Caldecott winners. One of our favorites is The Snowy Day. We have read The Snowy Day, written about it, illustrated our own pictures, watched the video, and even played Snowy Day gamed online. This has made us think about what kind of book we would write. So, our question of the day is this...
If you could write a Caldecott winner, what would it be about?

Mrs. Ripper - My King Charles dog named Chai
Marcus - My three dogs Jazzie, Nola, Zoe
Matthew - a trolly and the city
Wills - character cruise adventures
Tucker - the months of the year
Jude - forts and castles
Houston - my cat Maddy going on adventures everywhere
Palmer - dragons knocking things down
Alex - battles
West - my dog Pete and the two Siamese cats
Charlie - Space and the Titanic
Wilkes - Greek Gods
Thomas - Kindergarten classrooms
Mrs. Perry - Baby Jack's Bold Adventures in NYC

We love books so much here in SK that we thought we would share our favorite Caldecott winners with you. Go check them out at your local library or bookstore. But you don't have to take my word for it!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I know the planets! How about you?

 In January we studied the planets. This was such a fun unit! 
Here are some interesting facts we learned along with our planets song. Enjoy!
  • Tucker - Pluto is a dwarf planet
  • Wilkes - Neptune has rings
  • James - Neptune has a blue spot on it
  • Matthew - the Sun is a star but not a planet
  • Wills - we thought that Saturn had 3 rings but it really has millions
  • Chrishton - Jupiter is a gas giant
  • Jude - Jupiter has the big red spot
  • Alex - Jupiter can fit all the other planets in it
  • West - there are no clouds on Pluto
  • Palmer - comets fly past earth
  • Marcus - Venus has clouds
  • Houston - Mercury is closest to the Sun 
  • Charlie - Uranus has rings but you cannot see them
  • George - Pluto is a gas planet

Monday, February 11, 2013

Be My Valentine!

Valentine's Day is a fun time in kindergarten. We make boxes for our Valentine cards and have a celebration. This is also a time to think about what and who we love. Here are some people/things we love and why. Happy Valentine's! 

James - I love my Transformers because they fight the bad guy Transformers.
Wilkes - I love my dog Rosie because she plays with me.
Charlie - I love Poptropica because you get to go in graveyards.
Palmer - I love my mom, dad and brother because my brother plays with me and my parents take care of me.
Chrishton - I love my mom, dad and sister because we go on trips together.
Jude - I love my XBox because you get to play multi-player on it.
Jackson - My brother Jerry because he plays basketball with me.
Thomas - I love my Wii because I get to play Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Kids Bob on the Wii.
Alex - I love my sister because she is real crazy and fun.
West - I love my family because they are nice to me.
Matthew - I love my dog Esko because I can give him bacon.
Wills - I love my friend Coleman because I have known him since I was born.
Tucker - I love West because he plays Star Wars Puppy with me.
George - I love my dog Maggie because she knocks me out of my chair and tickles me.
Houston - I love my cat Maddie because every time I get on the couch to watch something she sits on me.

Mrs. Ripper - I love Mr. Ripper because he is my best friend.
Mrs. Perry - I love Mr. Perry and baby Jack because the are my favorite guys.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What do you want to blog about?

We are having a brainstorm session this morning about the blog. We have checked our views, looked up some of the locations of our new viewers and now we are trying to figure out what to blog about next. Here are some ideas from our class! We will choose one and write about it in our next post. The list kept going and going! Do you brainstorm in your class? If so, let us know! 

Wilkes - Dinosaurs
Tucker - Star Wars
Wills - Space
Chrishton - Thanksgiving
Alex - Groundhog Day
West - Rockets
Marcus - Race cars
Houston - Universe
James - Mega force Jets
Charlie - Space, Planets and Rockets
Palmer - Valentine's Day
Tucker - Christmas
Jude - Easter
Wilkes - The Golden Dragon from Lego Ninjago
West - The American Flag
Matthew - The Planets and God
Marcus - Mardi Gras and Beads 
Wills - Money
Jackson - Space
George - What it is like in Heaven. 
Houston - How big is a bunny rabbit?
Palmer - Easter Bunny
James - Battle Force 5
Tucker - God and the Bible
Wills - Holidays
West - Pets
Palmer - How did God create the Earth? 
Wilkes - How did Moses part the waters?
Thomas - What do angels look like?
Jude - Who created the Bible?
West - volcanos
Houston - Snowmen 
Marcus - Battle
Alex - Planets
Tucker - Chess
West - Family
Palmer - Cement
Wills - Gravity
Jude - God
Marcus - Toys
George - Sight Words
Houston - Weight
Jackson - the sun
Chrishton - the galexy
Houston - symmetry
Jude - cats
James - Mario Cart
Tucker - Class Blogs
Palmer - Fruits and Vegetables
Jude - Everything, even families and pets
Houston - 100 Days
Marcus - Candy
Wilkes - the Super Bowl
Wills - the coldest day of my life
Tucker - soccer 
Palmer - how God made grass
Houston - how to make a sweater
Jude - Earth
Alex - basketball
James - the Wii
Marcus - sports