Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Project Zero Lesson 1: Taming the Wild

I am a big note taker because my memory is not the best. Here are some of my notes from a presentation by David Perkins, titled Taming the Wild. The main focus of Perkins presentation was that it is our responsibility to "tame" our students just enough. We don't need to over "tame". One of his best quotes is "Good tame illuminates the wild. Bad tame eliminates the wild." Perkins made a great point when he stated that a lot of us and a lot of our students have "aboutitis". We know a lot about things but often don't know how to apply them. Perkins had a great example using baseball. What if we know all about baseball, the facts, the plays, the history, but we don't ever get to play. This is too "tame". You must learn but also apply. Learning and applying go hand in hand and one is not complete without the other. This all falls under the principals of Teaching for Understanding which I will dive into in the coming weeks.

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