Monday, September 27, 2010

Coloring, Cutting, and Counting

We did the cutest activity this afternoon, for Tt week and counting, that seemed very easy but turned out to be a bit of a fine motor challenge. The activity seemed easy enough. Color and cut a sheet of trains, numbered 1-10 and then glue them in order.
I made an example to show the boys (which is shown below) and it even took me a while to color and cut each train. The trains are so small the boys really had to take their time cutting. I had a few who just couldn't manipulate cutting such small angles so I drew a box around the train car with a sharpie and had them cut along the straight line. I don't have a picture of one of those to post because the activity has taken so long, we are going to have to finish in the morning. My students seemed to really enjoy the activity and the trains that are complete are so cute. Since the train is so long, I had to use a roll of sentence strip paper to glue the train cars on. These ended up looking a little like train tracks so it worked out well. Here are some of the finished product. Keep in mind, the top one is my example.

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