Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin KWL

Fall is finally in the air here! The temperatures are finally below 80 and we are ready for some fall weather. One thing that always makes us think of fall is pumpkins. We have started exploring pumpkins this week and thought we would learn something new by making a KWL chart.

K - Here are some thing we KNOW:
Chris - they are hard
Reid - the stem is hard
Witt - you can carve them for Halloween into Jack-O-Lanterns
Sohum - you can get a pumpkin and you can make the face and then you can put a light bulb in to it can glow
Dudley - they are kind of gooey inside
Kevin - they are gross on the inside
Reese - you can use it a lot of different ways
Michael - they are really heavy
Renat - there are a lot of seeds inside
Stephen - the seeds taste like pumpkin pie
Aadil - some are big
Will - farmers grow them
Carter - you can put lanterns inside of them
Craig - they can have sprouts in them and there is lots of yucky stuff in there
Noah - they are so round that you can roll them like a ball
Madoc - some pumpkins have leaves on them stem

W - This is what we WANT to learn/know about pumpkins:
Stephen - Does the size of the seed determine how big the pumpkin will be?
Renat - I wonder if you drop the pumpkin if it will pop or not.
Michael - Are some pumpkins so huge that you have to roll them to move them?
Kevin - If there are a bunch of pumpkins that roll down a hill will they all break?
Reese - If you throw a ball at a pumpkin will it come back or make a hole?
Carter - How many lines are there on pumpkins?
Reid - How big can they get?
Craig - How do the seeds get in the pumpkin?
Sohum - How do the seeds grow the pumpkin?
Frank - How to the pumpkins get the food that helps them grow?
Madoc - I wonder if pumpkin seeds are slimy.
Dudley - I wonder of pumpkins can get gooey on the outside.
Jackson - I wonder if you can draw a jack-o-lantern on paper and then copy it on a pumpkin?
Chris - I wonder if the pumpkin breaks if a dog scratches it.
Will - How do pumpkins grow into different colors?
Noah - Can a pumpkin bounce?

We will post again with the L of our KWL at the end of the month! 

It is November 4th and we are ready to add the L to our KWL chart.
Here is what we L - LEARNED about pumpkins.
Renat - They have a lot of seeds.
Sohum - Outside they are very hard and inside they are smooshy
Madoc - There are lines on pumpkins.
Will - They grow in a field.
Chris - They grow on vines.
Stephen - The stems on orange pumpkins are larger than the stems on green pumpkins.
Witt - There are so many lines you can barely count.
Aadil - The grown seeds inside the pumpkin.
Reid - They get picked by hand.
Michael - I learned that some are so large that you have to roll them to move them.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Break is here!

We have been in school for about two months and it is time for a little break. Our Fall Break is this week and some of the boys are taking fun trips and some are going to have great staycations here at home. Here is what we will be up to on our break. Some have been elaborated a bit and some are accurate. Either way, they are fun to read! 

Jackson - I am going to a football game to see Ole Miss play.
Frank - I am going somewhere that has a lot of rides and I get to go on bumper cars.
Sohum - I am going somewhere to go hand gliding.
Chris - I am going to this big mountain to look at the stars and I am going to a beach where I can go waterskating. Then I am going to this place where I have to sign in to go on a boat trip. Then I am going to a museum and then we are going out to eat. It is going to be a long trip.
Noah - I am going to have a staycation. I will probably go to fun places.
Steven - I am going to go to St. Louis and then I am going to Six Flags. The amusement park not the water park.
Madoc - I am going to Tanzania and New York to visit my cousins.
Reese - I am going to Washington, D.C.
Aadil - I am not going anywhere. I am going to play with my brothers.
Renat - I think my mom said we are going for like a cruise for like 5 days. It has 4 pools.
Carter - I am going to Disney World and my brother is going to have his birthday there.
Kevin - I am going to to go Little Rock to stay at a hotel and eat a bunch of bacon for breakfast.
Reid  - I am going to the lake at my land.
Whit - I am going to Florida and lots of people are going to come with me.
Witt - I am going to the beach and I don't know which one it is but it is the one with Sugar Shack.
Craig - I am going to the Children's Museum water park.
Will - I am going to the Little Red River and I am going fishing there.