Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy 100th Day!

Today is a big day in Kindergarten! We are celebrating our 100th day. Today will be full of 100th day activities, snacks, book and fun. Just for fun, here are some silly 100th day facts about us. 

I wish I had 100:
Matthew - Moms
Wills - Akbash dogs
Hyde - dollars
Chrishton - iPads
West - Lego Toys
Wilkes - swimming pools
James - pirate ships to sail to every island on earth
Marcus - Cocker Spaniel dogs
George - Hershey kisses
Mrs. Ripper - pairs of shoes

I think I can eat 100:
Marcus - pasta noodles
Thomas - pieces of watermelon
Charlie - meatballs
Wilkes - chocolate chip cookies
Wills - pieces of cheese ravioli
Mrs. Perry - potato chips
Jackson - Dominoes cheese pizzas
West - pieces of chocolate cake with vanilla icing
Chrishton - chocolate candies
James - pieces of grilled salmon
George - pieces of bubble gum

If I had $100 dollars I would:
West - buy $100 worth of Legos
James - a disco ball
Wilkes - buy a mansion
Alex - buy 1,000 toys that cost a penny each
George - buy a trampoline
Charlie - buy the Golden Mech in Ninjago
Matthew - a real gold jet airplane 
Wills - buy the golden goose on Reading Eggs
Marcus - buy 100 Lego men that cost $1 each
Jackson - buy a giant Lego set

I can do 100:
Tucker - laps around a track
Jackson - jumping jacks
George - flips
Marcus - jumps
Wills - yawns
West - running in circles
James - spins

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We have a dream....

We live in Memphis, TN which is a very important place in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We are lucky enough to all live close to the National Civil Rights Museum and many of us have be able to visit it. Like many children around the country we learn a lot about MLK every January around the national holiday celebrating his birthday. 
Here are some thing we learned about this very important man. 

West - He had four children.
Wilkes - Some people were not nice to him.
Charlie -  Jackie Waters was forced out of the hotel and she pickets the hotel daily.
Alex - He fought with his words and not with his fists.
Palmer - He shared his I Have A Dream speech.
Matthew - He was staying at the Lorraine Motel.
James - He changed his name from Michael to Martin.
Chrishton - Rosa Parks would not move her seat on the bus so she was arrested. MLK went down to help her.
George - Jackie Waters was a housekeeper at the Lorraine Motel.
Jude - He was thrown into jail many times.
Jackson - He got to skip a few years in school because he was so smart.
George - He was a pastor/preacher.
Marcus - He was fighting for peace. He wanted to change the world.
Tucker - He wanted to desegregate people. 

We are thankful for his work because:
James - He made people use the same things.
Wilkes - He made the word a better place.
Charlie - He desegregated people.
Palmer - He said people could drink out of the same water fountains.
Jude - He changed us.

How did you celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snow Days

In the South we don't get much snow. When we do get any snow or ice it is a big event and we usually get out of school early. Today is one of those rare days. We don't have any snow on the weather map but we have some ice headed our way so we are headed home soon. Here are some of our icy afternoon plans! Do you get many snow days? What do you do on your snow days? 

Mrs. Perry - Drink coffee and watch TV!
Mrs. Ripper - I am going to work in Rhett's nursery.
James - Play with my new toy I got yesterday.
Wilkes - Play Poptropica
Charlie - Go home and play Nintendo Land on my Wii U.
Hyde - Play in my room.
Houston - I am going to do a craft with my babysitter.
Marcus - Play at home with my brother Kevin.
Palmer - Play Tiki Kart on my new iPad.
Jude - I am going to play Hero Factory and with my new battle ship.
Jackson - Play basketball with my brother Jerry.
Thomas - I am going to play Pop Tropica on my computer I got for Christmas.
Alex - Go to James's house.
West - Watch Lego Hero Factory on TV.
Matthew - Drink hot chocolate, play with my new Hot Wheels set and watch Sponge Bob.
Wills - Play with my new Scooby Doo set.
Tucker - I might play with my friend Nicholas.
George - Play Skylander Giants on my Wii.

Looks like there will be a lot of video games being played this afternoon....hopefully after homework is completed. Ha! Ha!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Kindergarten Resolutions

In kindergarten we have been talking about the new year and resolutions. Big or small it is a great thing to have a goal every new year. Like many grown-ups my resolution is to exercise more. The boys have come up with some resolutions for themselves. Lets see what our class can came up with!

Here is what we want to do more of:
  • Play basketball
  • Handwriting
  •  Play soccer 
  • Read
  • Running around
  • Good things
  • Running really fast
  • Exercises 
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Learn more
  • Play Legos with my dad
  • Go biking more
  • Ride my scooter
  • Play basketball with my dad
  • Play Star Wars with my friends
  • Stay up late
Here is what we want to do less of:
  • Eat less candy
  • Drink soft drinks
  • Stop bothering my big brother
  • Stay up late
  • Eat Chocolate
  • Technology on games
  • Grocery shopping with my mom
  • Less video games
  • Getting up early
  • Help my sister quit watching so much television
  • Eating sweets
  • Playing the Wii
  • Bothering my baby sister
  • Bothering my cat Mattie
These are some of our goals for the year! What are yours? Please share with us.