Thursday, February 27, 2014

Giving something up for Lent....

The Lenten season is upon us! This is a time to think about the sacrifices that Jesus made for us. As we think about the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter the boys are brainstorming about what they would give up for Lent. Here is what we have come up with.

Mrs. Perry - Starbucks
Mrs. Thomas - Diet Coke
Kevin - video games
Noah - Legos
Carter - my special Lovey
Dudley - video games
Sohum - Lego Star Wars Attack of the Clones set
Chris - Lightening McQueen
Michael - Skittles
Reid - my tractor
Witt - Lego Movie Melting Room Set
Stephen - TV
Craig - Nerf Guns
Renat - Target
Whit - dirt bike
Jackson - my mini motorcycle
Aadil - pancakes
Will - going to the playroom
Madoc - Minecraft
Frank - Lego Storm Trooper Alarm Clock

While we don't all celebrate Lent, it is good to give up something special every once in a while. If you go without it for a bit I bet you will appreciate it even more. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I See, I Think, I Wonder - 2014 Olympics

I See:

  • fireworks
  • thousands of people
  • something on fire in the middle
  • people shooting fireworks
  • a light
  • a lot of people cheering
  • 100 blue lights
  • Purple Lines
  • the stadium
  • the red sky
  • sparks
  • fire coming out of rocket things on the outside
  • sparklers 
  • black in the sky
  • tv cameras
  • purple on the ground

I think: 
  • there are 5,000 people there
  • this is in Memphis
  • those things in the sky are jumbo trons
  • it is Russia
  • there are 10 million people watching on TV
  • in the circle people are ice skating
  • it just started because the fire just shot
  • there are some people standing on stage
  •  that this is in Moscow, Russia
  • the people on the stage came out from the sides
  • that this is the first game of the Olympics
  • they are running laps around the hill
  • that the little blue lines on the side are bleachers
  • the fireworks are dynamite
  • it is night time
 I wonder:
  • if they celebrate Valentine's Day
  • if all those people are watching guys ice skate
  • if they are skiing there
  • if that is a special light in the middle
  • if all the people are watching the guys riding their snow boards
  • if some people are cheering for the other team and some people are not
  • if there is lightening in the sky
  • if the fire ball in the middle is shooting the fireworks out
  • if they are celebrating something
  • if they dark stuff is black goo that they put in the air
  • if that is steam in the sky coming from the fireworks
  • how many laps they do when they are racing
  • if the performance is one hour
  • if the stadium is 1000 feet wide
  • if everyone in the USA is watching
  • if they are using real fire
  • if this is in Chicago
  • if they are 572 people in the stadium
  • if they speak a language
  • if they are doing the National Anthem
  • if there are 500,000 people there

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Will you be my Valentine?

We are less than a week away from Valentine's Day! 
We have been thinking a lot of those friends and family we love and how we can celebrate them.

 Who is your Valentine and what would you like to give them?
Dudley - my Mom - a heart that I saw at the store
Jackson - my sister Alana - a heart that I saw at the store that has Skittles in it
Sohum - my friend Chris - a Lego Star Wars set
Will - my friend Sohum - a Ninja Turtle mask
Chis - my friend Chip - a Ninja Turtle and a Ninja Turtle stuffy
Stephen - my girlfriend - an infinity scarf
Carter - my sister Sarah - all of my candy that I got from Halloween
Reese - my parents - a gift card to American Express
Renat - my friend Will, a dinosaur set
Kevin - my girlfriend Adaela - a box of chocolates
Madoc - my brother Matt - a box of Pokemon cards
Michael - my sister Mary Susan - a box of rings
Aadil - my brother Fawwaz - a box of caramel
Noah - my brother Samuel - a Hot Wheels car
Craig - my girlfriend Paxon - a Barbie Doll
Witt - my brother Wilson - this thing that goes with a video game
Reid - my friend Landon - a box of chocolates