Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A parting song from the boys! Happy Summer!

Our Class Day program will be tomorrow. This is a great end to the school year and a fun start to summer. Please enjoy one of our Class Day songs, Jesus Loves Me sung in English, Spanish and Mandarin. Happy Summer! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Favorite Thing About Kindergarten

We are counting down to First Grade here in my class! The boys are so excited about moving up a grade. Last week we got to "sneak-a-peek" at First Grade! Even though we are so excited about the move, there are some things the boys are going to miss about kindergarten. Here are some of our favorite things about SK.

My favorite thing about Kindergarten has been...
Palmer - playing in the block center
Wilkes - the marble center
Jackson - having an afternoon recess at the end of the year
James - the computer center
West - my teachers
Tucker - P.E. class
George - my teachers babies, Jack & Rhett (we have a faculty nursery so the boys get to see the babies sometimes), Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Ripper and Mrs. Wojcik
Jude - extra recess, block center, my teachers
Charlie - using the computers
Houston - Mrs. Perry
Wills - journals
Thomas - blocks and computer center
Marcus - extra recess
Hyde - state books
Chrishton - the life cycles unit

Clearly, my curriculum didn't stand out this year nearly as much as centers, playtime and computers! :-)

We only have 6 school days left. We will try to blog one more time before summer. If we run out of time and don't get to blog...
Have a wonderful summer break!

Friday, May 10, 2013

SK Mother's Day!

With Mother's Day upon us, we would like to share with the world why our moms are the best! We had a fun Mother's Day Picnic yesterday that included lunch out on the field, relay games and a HUGE game of Twister! Check out our Twister board!

A good time was had by all!

What is special about your mom?
Palmer - She snuggles anywhere with me.
Thomas - She is pretty and takes care of me.
George - She is pretty and special.
Hyde - She cooks dinner for me.
West - She snuggles up with me.
James - She plays Lego fighters with me.
Wilkes - She takes me to bowl.
Jackson - She takes me to Target.
Marcus - She tucks me in at night.
Houston - She had a water balloon fight with me.
Wills - She sings to me every night.
Charlie - She sleeps with me if I have bad dreams.
Alex - She married a very good daddy.
Jude - She always keeps me healthy because she only lets me play video games on the weekends.
Matthew - She plays Harry Potter on X-Box with me.

If I could get my mom anything in the world, I would get her a...
Palmer - a kiss
Thomas - a sister
Wilkes - a trip to L.A.
Chrishton - a trip to NYC
Hyde - a trip to the beach
George - a trip to Hollywood
Tucker - a trip to her mom's house
West - a trip to see her sister
James - a trip to Oklahoma City so we can see a Grizzlies away game
Jackson - a trip to Beverly Hills, CA
Matthew - a Macy's shopping trip and a trip to California
Houston - a giant water slide
Wills - private plane to go to Birmingham, AL to pick up the
 Taco Momma restaurant and bring it to Memphis
Charlie - a Chihuahua
Jude - I would get her ice cream and doughnuts and then take her to the beach so she can do anything she wants. Then I would get her pretty flowers, a statue of a bird and picture frame.
Alex - a giant heart that you can open and 100 kisses inside of it
Marcus - a diamond ring