Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 12-12-12 Day!

We are so glad to be a part of Blog 12-12-12 with other schools from everywhere! We are going to make a few 12 lists to share with you today. Here are some of our 12 favorite things! We can't wait to see yours!

Our 12 Favorite Foods:
1 -James - 12 pieces of vanilla cake
2 - Marcus - Cheese Pizza
3 - Alex - Ricki's Cookie Corner's Chocolate Cookies
4 - Wilkes - Hot Wings
5 - Jackson - Mom's Spaghetti
6 - Palmer - Hershey's Chocolate
7 - Thomas - Peaches
8 - Tucker - Pepperoni Pizza from High Point Pizza Cafe
9 - Houston - Muddy's Chocolate Cupcakes
10 - George - Chocolate Chip Cookies that my mom makes
11 - Charlie - Chicken Legs
12 - Hyde - Chocolate Doughnuts from Gibsons

Our 12 Favorite Places to Travel:
1 - Matthew - New Jersey
2 - Hyde - Destin, FL
3 - Jude - Kentucky
4 - Marcus - New Orleans
5 - James - Chicago
6 - Wills - Birmingham, AL
7 - Wilkes - Six Flags St. Louis
8 - George - New York City
9 - West - Africa
10 - Alex - Chattanooga, TN
11 - Palmer - Greenwood, MS
12 - Tucker - Tuscaloosa, AL

Our 12 Favorite Places in Memphis:
1 - Chrishton - The Children's Museum of Memphis
2 - Matthew - The Fedex Forum to see the Grizzlies
3 - Jude - The Hobby Shop
4 - West - YoLo Frozen Yogurt Shop
5 - Wills - My Grandmother's House
6 - Jackson - The Pink Palace
7 - Hyde - Cedar Hill Farms
8 - Alex - The Memphis Zoo
9 - Wilkes - Chuck E Cheese
10 - George - Laser Quest
11 - James - Ciao Bella Restaurant and Malco Movie Theatre
12 - Houston - Trains & Tiara's Toy Store

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tis the Season

During the Christmas season we talk a lot about what we want to get, here in Kindergarten. We like to make sure that we also talk about giving. The boys know that giving a gift is just as fun and special as getting a gift. Here are some thing that we would like to receive and also thing we would like to give! Enjoy the sweet thoughts of my 5 and 6 year old boys! 

James would like to get Super Spy Goggles and would like to give Alex a Switch and Go Dino.
Wilkes would like to get a Ninjago set and would like to give his brother a 3Ds.
Charlie would like to get Mega Blocks and would like to give his mommy a ring.
Houston would like to get a spy kit and would like to give his neighbor Deidra a dog.
Cabell would like to get his own computer and would like to give his dad a new coffee cup.
Hyde would like to get a spy kit and would like to give a mew watch to his mom.
Jude would like to get some some robot pajamas and would like to give some pink polka dot pajamas to his toddler cousin Francesca.
Chrishton would like to get a Kindle and would like to give his cousin Kirsten a computer.
Palmer would like to get a spy rope and would like to give a table to his Aunt Keating.
Marcus would like to get a Superman umbrella and would like to give his Grams a new computer.
Matthew would like to get a Hot Wheels car and would like to give a play set to his brother.
West would like to get a Nook and would like to give his sister an iPad.
Thomas would like to get an iPad and would like to give his cousin Thomas a 3DS.
Jackson would like to get a Lego Ninjago and would like to give his brother Jerry a Star Wars Lego set.
George would like to get a spy kit and would like to give his mom a necklace.
Tucker would like to get Lego Ninjago the movie and would like to give his sister a Nerf gun.
Wills would like to get an iPad and would like to give Disney Princess figurines to his sister Eliza.

Ho! Ho! Ho! and Merry Christmas from our class to yours! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A KWL Christmas Chart!

We are back again with some questions, comments and a class brainstorm. A few weeks ago we made a KWL about Thanksgiving. Now we want to know all about Christmas! He is what we K - Know, W - Want to Know and L - Learned. We hope you enjoy and please e-mail us if you have anything to add at

Here is what we know about celebrating Christmas.
Palmer - We hang stockings
Wilkes -Rudolph has a shiny nose
James - Santa comes
Charlie - we make Christmas lists
Hyde - You hang stockings
Jude - We hang decorations up
Chrishton - Jesus was born
Marcus - we put candy canes on our tree
Matthew - you get presents
West - we put up Christmas trees
Alex - we celebrate Jesus because he is the main thing
Thomas - we make any kind of cookies for Santa and for us
Jackson - we put decorations on the tree
George - we don't really get snow
Tucker - whenever Santa comes we give him milk and cookies
Cabell - we eat candy canes

Here is what we want to know about celebrating Christmas:
Palmer - Why does Santa Clause come?
James - Why do people celebrate all different kinds of things on Christmas?
Wilkes - Why did Frosty the Snowman come alive?
Cabell - Why was Jesus born?
Charlie - How do they celebrate Christmas in Turkey?
West - Why does it snow?
George - Why does an elf come? 
Jackson - Why does Santa come down the chimney?
Matthew - Why do we put up Christmas trees?
Jude - Why does Santa leave presents under our Christmas tree?
Alex - Why do elves do crazy stuff?
Marcus - Why do the elves report to Santa?
Houston - Why do we leave milk and cookies for Santa?

We haven't finished out Christmas Around the World month yet so we still have a lot to learn but here is what we know so far. We will have to add more at the end of our Christmas unit.
Here is what we have leaned: 
James - La Bafana gives out candy to see which one is the King of all Kings.
Alex - In Honduras it isn't cold at Christmas.
Chrishton - Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah.
Wilkes - The legend of the poinsettia. 

We'll post more as we learn more! 
Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, what are your traditions? Please share with us.