Thursday, February 6, 2014

Will you be my Valentine?

We are less than a week away from Valentine's Day! 
We have been thinking a lot of those friends and family we love and how we can celebrate them.

 Who is your Valentine and what would you like to give them?
Dudley - my Mom - a heart that I saw at the store
Jackson - my sister Alana - a heart that I saw at the store that has Skittles in it
Sohum - my friend Chris - a Lego Star Wars set
Will - my friend Sohum - a Ninja Turtle mask
Chis - my friend Chip - a Ninja Turtle and a Ninja Turtle stuffy
Stephen - my girlfriend - an infinity scarf
Carter - my sister Sarah - all of my candy that I got from Halloween
Reese - my parents - a gift card to American Express
Renat - my friend Will, a dinosaur set
Kevin - my girlfriend Adaela - a box of chocolates
Madoc - my brother Matt - a box of Pokemon cards
Michael - my sister Mary Susan - a box of rings
Aadil - my brother Fawwaz - a box of caramel
Noah - my brother Samuel - a Hot Wheels car
Craig - my girlfriend Paxon - a Barbie Doll
Witt - my brother Wilson - this thing that goes with a video game
Reid - my friend Landon - a box of chocolates

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