Friday, January 17, 2014

Blogging Brainstorm

Today our blog will be about Blog ideas! We are having trouble finding a great blog idea so our blog idea will just be brainstorming (or spitballing as we call it in our classroom).

Here are some things the boys would like to blog about:
Dudley - Space
Jackson - Tackle Football
Sohum - Frosty the Snowman
Carter - Bugs - How do bees sting?
Stephen - Rockets - What is inside?
Will - The Military - How do they get so brave to do that?
Frank - Pizza - How do get the cheese in the crust?
Madoc - James Madison because he is a part of my dads side of the family.
Renat - Dinosaurs - What kids eat meat and what kind eat leaves?
Reese - Money - Who is on all of the dollars and coins?
Aadil - How to be a better basketball player.
Michael - Mountains - How to they get so pointy?
Kevin - How to robots work?
Reid - Hunting - How do learn about hunting?
Whit - How does a volcano erupt?
Witt - How long does it take you to pass all the levels on Reading Eggs?
Craig - Nelson Mandela
Noah - How do they make stuff where you can hear inside bodies?

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