Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I See, I Think, I Wonder - 2014 Olympics

I See:

  • fireworks
  • thousands of people
  • something on fire in the middle
  • people shooting fireworks
  • a light
  • a lot of people cheering
  • 100 blue lights
  • Purple Lines
  • the stadium
  • the red sky
  • sparks
  • fire coming out of rocket things on the outside
  • sparklers 
  • black in the sky
  • tv cameras
  • purple on the ground

I think: 
  • there are 5,000 people there
  • this is in Memphis
  • those things in the sky are jumbo trons
  • it is Russia
  • there are 10 million people watching on TV
  • in the circle people are ice skating
  • it just started because the fire just shot
  • there are some people standing on stage
  •  that this is in Moscow, Russia
  • the people on the stage came out from the sides
  • that this is the first game of the Olympics
  • they are running laps around the hill
  • that the little blue lines on the side are bleachers
  • the fireworks are dynamite
  • it is night time
 I wonder:
  • if they celebrate Valentine's Day
  • if all those people are watching guys ice skate
  • if they are skiing there
  • if that is a special light in the middle
  • if all the people are watching the guys riding their snow boards
  • if some people are cheering for the other team and some people are not
  • if there is lightening in the sky
  • if the fire ball in the middle is shooting the fireworks out
  • if they are celebrating something
  • if they dark stuff is black goo that they put in the air
  • if that is steam in the sky coming from the fireworks
  • how many laps they do when they are racing
  • if the performance is one hour
  • if the stadium is 1000 feet wide
  • if everyone in the USA is watching
  • if they are using real fire
  • if this is in Chicago
  • if they are 572 people in the stadium
  • if they speak a language
  • if they are doing the National Anthem
  • if there are 500,000 people there

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