Thursday, February 27, 2014

Giving something up for Lent....

The Lenten season is upon us! This is a time to think about the sacrifices that Jesus made for us. As we think about the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter the boys are brainstorming about what they would give up for Lent. Here is what we have come up with.

Mrs. Perry - Starbucks
Mrs. Thomas - Diet Coke
Kevin - video games
Noah - Legos
Carter - my special Lovey
Dudley - video games
Sohum - Lego Star Wars Attack of the Clones set
Chris - Lightening McQueen
Michael - Skittles
Reid - my tractor
Witt - Lego Movie Melting Room Set
Stephen - TV
Craig - Nerf Guns
Renat - Target
Whit - dirt bike
Jackson - my mini motorcycle
Aadil - pancakes
Will - going to the playroom
Madoc - Minecraft
Frank - Lego Storm Trooper Alarm Clock

While we don't all celebrate Lent, it is good to give up something special every once in a while. If you go without it for a bit I bet you will appreciate it even more. 

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