Thursday, March 6, 2014

Time for Spring Break!

We have completed 122 school days and have one more to go until a much needed Spring Break. It is always fun to hear what the boys have planned for their week off. Here is what the boys in my class have on their agenda for next week. 

Dudley - I might stay here but I might go to the beach.
Jackson - I am going to golf camp, tennis camp and Mississippi.
Sohum - I am going to India with my mom and sister but my dad is coming on another day because he has a conference. Then I am going to Mississippi.
Frank - I am going to Florida.
Aadil - I am having a staycation.
Stephen - I am going to a golf camp.
Carter - I might go on a trip.
Chris - I am going to Illinois.
Renat - I am going on a cruise.
Will - I am going to the beach.
Kevin - I am going to my grandma's in Louisiana.
Michael - I am going to Florida.
Noah - I am spending the night with my Nanny and Grindaddy.
Craig - I think I am going to Louisiana.
Whit - I am going to my new house.
Reid - I am going to my land.
Madoc - I am going to Florida.

Sounds like fun all around! We hope you have a great week next week!

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