Thursday, April 3, 2014

If I Could Write a Book...

We just got back from the library and we have books on the brain. We have been brainstorming about books we would like to write. Here is what we have come up with:

Dudley - Pirates coming to the little town to take over - like Pirates of the Caribbean
Stephen - Dunking Athletes - a book about professional dunkers
Aadil - Ladybugs - all about lady bugs
Reid - an encyclopedia about hunting and what guns to use titled How To Hunt Everything
Whit - The Gun - all about guns you use when hunting
Will - How Police Help People When they are Sick or Get Hurt - about how police are good helpers
Witt - a book about time - Clocks
Noah - Diving Athletes - a book about all the different ways to dive into a pool
Craig - a book about the song Happy and a guide to playing it on the trombone - People Singing Their Heart Out
Madoc - a book about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2
Reese - Number Monster - the monster knows all about math and numbers
Kevin - National Athletes of Skiing - all about how national snow skiing athletes race each other.
Chris - a book about the movie Mr. Peabody
Michael - The Alien Goes to Earth - the alien goes to earth and meets a human friend
Renat - The Guy that was Weird - at night he is bad but in the morning he is good. He has dirt on his arms, no nose, half lips and one eye on is head.
Sohum - something about Ninja Turtles
Jackson - a book about cross bows - Hunting a Bear with a Cross Bow
Carter - a book about the Polar Express
Frank - Astronauts & Aliens - There is a spaceman in his rocket ship and an alien attacks him and he has to call the other spacemen to help. They spray the monster and he goes away. He turns the wrong way and goes to Mars and blows up the planet.

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