Thursday, November 21, 2013

How to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Kindergarten style!

It is always fun to have the class give their best directions int he kitchen. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner and here is how the boys would get it ready if they were in charge.

The Turkey
Purchase a 5 pound frozen turkey.
Let it that in the refrigerator for 5 days.
Preheat the oven to 7 degrees.
Cover the turkey in salt, dressing, ketchup, pepper, and butter.
Stuff the cavity with  spices, pepper, onions and ranch dressing.
Cook the turkey for 3 hours.
Let the turkey sit for 74 minutes before serving.

Sweet Potato Casserole
Purchase 6 large sweet potatoes.
Peel and boil the sweet potatoes for 10 hours.
Mash them up with mashers.
Add one cup of cubed Swiss cheese, about 2 cups of ketchup, 4 cups for sugar, and 10 cups of pepper.
Top with oil to give it flavor. 
Pour in a casserole dish and cook at 20 degrees for 50 minutes.

Green Beans Casserole
Get 30 cans of green beans.
Pour in bowl and add flavor, fresh tiny green beans, little tiny pieces of rolls, 5 cups of butter and 13 tablespoons of hot sauce.
Pour in casserole dish and cook at 29 degrees for 8 hours.

5 Drops of Ketchup Powder
7 Loaves of Corn Bread
5 Loaves of Rosemary Bread
6 Drops of Mustard
9 tablespoons of pepper
12 sleeves of Saltines
15 Eggs
39 Tablespoons of Butter
10 stalks of Celery
Mix everything together.
Cut the turkey in half. Stuff each side with stuffing. Put the turkey back together so it looks like a whole turkey. Put cheese around it. After the cheese melts it will stick the sides together.
Cook at 400 degrees for 81 minutes.

Pumpkin Pie
The Crust - Use white bread  and  9 sugar cookies. Put them together and make a circle for the crust. Put in a pie dish. Cook at 100 degrees for 19 seconds.
The Filling - Scoop out the inside of 5 baby pumpkins. Add 10 cups of white sugar and 10 cups of brown sugar. Fill the pie crust. Cook at 30 degrees for 31 minutes.
After cooking, top the pie with 20 drops of whipped cream.

Hope you enjoy our special Thanksgiving recipes! Happy Thanksgiving! 

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