Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas and our Kindergarten Wish List

Christmas is a great time to think about giving as well as receiving. We all get excited about getting gifts but it is just as much fun to give them. Here are some things we would like to give as well as a wish list for ourselves. Merry Christmas! 

Here is what we would like to give:
Dudley - my Transformer toy to my friend Tyler
Sohum - a Kindle Fire HDX to my sister 
Carter - a train set to my brother
Stephen - a Christmas plate to my parents
Frank - a Lego set to my brother
Renat - a Skylander to my sister
Reese - Lulu Lemon gift card to my mom
Aadil - a bow and arrow to my mom
Michael - a Power Ranger sword to my little brother
Madoc - an iPod to someone in another country
Kevin - a Starbucks gift card to my grandmother
Reid - a cross bow for my dad
Whit - a Lego rescue ship set to my brother
Witt - an Xbox One to my big brother
Craig - a blanket to my friend Jack
Noah - a rece car track Lego set to my big brother
Chris - a remote control helicopter to someone that doesn't have one
Jackson - a remote control boat to my friend Drew

Here are a few things we have on our own wish lists just in case Santa checks our our blog! 
Reid - a cross bow
Whit - red electric scooter
Witt - the Skylander Swap Force Dark Star Pack
Craig - a Power Ranger sword
Noah - the Lego fire station
Aadil - a space heater
Michael - a Skylander Swap Force Starter Pack
Madoc - Kindel Fire HDX
Kevin - the Ultra Sonic Raider Lego Ninjago
Reant - Skylander Tree Rex
Reese - a 5-in-1 Sports Scooter
Frank - Ninjago Snack Car
Chris - Scooby Doo stuffed animal
Stephen - Motor Scooter
Carter - Catchers Glove
Sohum - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Wii game
Jackson - a cross bow
Dudley - iPhone 5s

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