Monday, November 4, 2013

Being Thankful All Year

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Thanksgiving Pictures

November is finally here! We all think about what we are thankful for around Thanksgiving but the boys and I think you should remember these things all year long. Here are some thing we are thankful for all the time. 

Reid - My Family
Whit - My cat Holly
Witt - That I have the nicest family in the whole wide world.
Craig - My class and my whole family. I will love them forever.
Will - My friends and my family.
Aadil - My food and water.
Carter - Our hearts
Kevin - The world
Frank - Nature
Renat - This whole country
Madoc - All the states that God gave us
Stephen - That the Native Americans and Pilgrims  found this country so all the people that want to live here can live here.
Noah - My whole family, my cousins, my nanny and grandaddy, and my grandma and grandaddy.
Chris - The whole class and the teachers
Dudley - My dogs, my family and my cousins
Sohum - My whole family,  my pet goldfish, and all the people that live here
Michael - My Parents

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