Friday, September 6, 2013

Are you ready for some football?

The football season is upon us! The boys in my class love to talk sports and football is a hot topic these days. We have lots of favorite teams in here and here is a list of who we are rooting for this season! 

Kevin - New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers
Frank - Alabama
Craig - Dallas Cowboys
Michael - NY Giants and the Ole Miss Rebels
Madoc - NY Giants
Stephen - Steelers and the Memphis Tigers
Noah - NY Giants
Chris - Memphis Tigers
Aadil - Memphis Tigers and Baltimore Ravens
Renat - Memphis Tigers
Reese - Alabama
Dudley - Memphis Tigers
Carter - Tennessee Vols and Memphis Tigers
Reid - Oakland Raiders and the Memphis Tigers
Whitt - I don't watch football
Witt - Tennessee Vols
Sohum - Memphis Tigers
Will - Memphis Tigers & Ole Miss

Mrs. Thomas - Steelers
Mrs. Perry - Memphis Tigers and Florida Gators

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