Friday, August 30, 2013

Knuffle Bunny Tales

This morning we enjoyed reading Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too. We are looking forward to checking out Knuffle Bunny Free from the library to see what happens next! The boys are coming up with their own ideas about what happens next in the Knuffle Bunny series. 

Here is what we think happens next...

Will - The girl has kids.
Stephen - The girl gives the Knuffle Bunny to her kids and then she will lose it again. I think also if she keeps it she will sleep with it at night because she is afraid of the pillow monsters.
Aadil - I think she'll give it away because she is going to be a grown up.
Craig - She'll get married and have two kids.
Reid - She will give Knuffle Bunny to somebody else.
Witt - She will keep the Knuffle Bunny with her and she won't give it to her kids.
Renat - I think when she is a grown up she will have her own closet and put Knuffle Bunny away.
Reese - I think she will lose it and then she will cry even though she is a mom.
Dudley - I think when she has Knuffle Bunny she will put it in her closet and when she goes night night she will sleep with it.
Frank - I think when she has a baby she will give it to her baby.
Noah - When she is a grown up she will give it away and she will put it in a washing machine and she will break the stuffing.
Madoc - I think that when she grows up she will give it away to one of her friends that has a baby.
Jackson - She will probably give Knuffle Bunny to one of her friends and then her friend will give it to one of her friends.
Chris - I think she is going to get married ad have 5 kids.

We can't wait to get our hands on  copy of Knuffle Bunny Free to see if we are correct! 

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