Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What do you want to blog about?

We are having a brainstorm session this morning about the blog. We have checked our views, looked up some of the locations of our new viewers and now we are trying to figure out what to blog about next. Here are some ideas from our class! We will choose one and write about it in our next post. The list kept going and going! Do you brainstorm in your class? If so, let us know! 

Wilkes - Dinosaurs
Tucker - Star Wars
Wills - Space
Chrishton - Thanksgiving
Alex - Groundhog Day
West - Rockets
Marcus - Race cars
Houston - Universe
James - Mega force Jets
Charlie - Space, Planets and Rockets
Palmer - Valentine's Day
Tucker - Christmas
Jude - Easter
Wilkes - The Golden Dragon from Lego Ninjago
West - The American Flag
Matthew - The Planets and God
Marcus - Mardi Gras and Beads 
Wills - Money
Jackson - Space
George - What it is like in Heaven. 
Houston - How big is a bunny rabbit?
Palmer - Easter Bunny
James - Battle Force 5
Tucker - God and the Bible
Wills - Holidays
West - Pets
Palmer - How did God create the Earth? 
Wilkes - How did Moses part the waters?
Thomas - What do angels look like?
Jude - Who created the Bible?
West - volcanos
Houston - Snowmen 
Marcus - Battle
Alex - Planets
Tucker - Chess
West - Family
Palmer - Cement
Wills - Gravity
Jude - God
Marcus - Toys
George - Sight Words
Houston - Weight
Jackson - the sun
Chrishton - the galexy
Houston - symmetry
Jude - cats
James - Mario Cart
Tucker - Class Blogs
Palmer - Fruits and Vegetables
Jude - Everything, even families and pets
Houston - 100 Days
Marcus - Candy
Wilkes - the Super Bowl
Wills - the coldest day of my life
Tucker - soccer 
Palmer - how God made grass
Houston - how to make a sweater
Jude - Earth
Alex - basketball
James - the Wii
Marcus - sports

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