Monday, February 11, 2013

Be My Valentine!

Valentine's Day is a fun time in kindergarten. We make boxes for our Valentine cards and have a celebration. This is also a time to think about what and who we love. Here are some people/things we love and why. Happy Valentine's! 

James - I love my Transformers because they fight the bad guy Transformers.
Wilkes - I love my dog Rosie because she plays with me.
Charlie - I love Poptropica because you get to go in graveyards.
Palmer - I love my mom, dad and brother because my brother plays with me and my parents take care of me.
Chrishton - I love my mom, dad and sister because we go on trips together.
Jude - I love my XBox because you get to play multi-player on it.
Jackson - My brother Jerry because he plays basketball with me.
Thomas - I love my Wii because I get to play Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Kids Bob on the Wii.
Alex - I love my sister because she is real crazy and fun.
West - I love my family because they are nice to me.
Matthew - I love my dog Esko because I can give him bacon.
Wills - I love my friend Coleman because I have known him since I was born.
Tucker - I love West because he plays Star Wars Puppy with me.
George - I love my dog Maggie because she knocks me out of my chair and tickles me.
Houston - I love my cat Maddie because every time I get on the couch to watch something she sits on me.

Mrs. Ripper - I love Mr. Ripper because he is my best friend.
Mrs. Perry - I love Mr. Perry and baby Jack because the are my favorite guys.

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