Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If I could write a Caldecott winner...

This week we have been talking about Caldecott winners. One of our favorites is The Snowy Day. We have read The Snowy Day, written about it, illustrated our own pictures, watched the video, and even played Snowy Day gamed online. This has made us think about what kind of book we would write. So, our question of the day is this...
If you could write a Caldecott winner, what would it be about?

Mrs. Ripper - My King Charles dog named Chai
Marcus - My three dogs Jazzie, Nola, Zoe
Matthew - a trolly and the city
Wills - character cruise adventures
Tucker - the months of the year
Jude - forts and castles
Houston - my cat Maddy going on adventures everywhere
Palmer - dragons knocking things down
Alex - battles
West - my dog Pete and the two Siamese cats
Charlie - Space and the Titanic
Wilkes - Greek Gods
Thomas - Kindergarten classrooms
Mrs. Perry - Baby Jack's Bold Adventures in NYC

We love books so much here in SK that we thought we would share our favorite Caldecott winners with you. Go check them out at your local library or bookstore. But you don't have to take my word for it!

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