Thursday, November 15, 2012

We Are So Thankful!

We have so many things to be thankful for. Here are a few things our class is thankful for!
James - God because keeps us safe
Wilkes - my dog Rosey because she lives with me
Charlie - God because he made us
Chrishton - families because they protect us
Palmer - P.D.S. because they teach us
Houston - my dog Boswell because he was nice
Matthew - my mom because she is nice
Marcus - mom, dad and my brother Kevin because they are all nice
Cabell - my mom because she took me to school today
Thomas - my two dogs Sam and Sadie because they are nice and they mess around a lot 
Jackson - My two brothers because they are nice.
Jude - Everything because being thankful for things is nice.
Tucker - My sister Carrington because she likes Star Wars and I do too.
Wills - My good friend Coleman because his dad knew my dad and I have known him since I was zero years old.
Hyde - My mom because she is nice.
West - My family because they are nice. 
George - My friends because they nice to play with. 
Alex - My sister because we like to play together and sometimes my mommy goes out with us and 
 we play. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all! 
We would like to know what you are thankful for. E-mail our class at

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