Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Thanksgiving KWL Blog

Happy November! It is a great month in SK. We have started talking about the first Thanksgiving, what we are thankful for and what we love about Thanksgiving. Yesterday we made our first KWL chart about leaves with Mrs. Ripper. Today we are going to make a Thanksgiving KWL with Mrs. Perry and share it with you on our blog. We hope you enjoy and happy Thanksgiving to all!

K - What We Know About Thanksgiving
Matthew - We eat turkey.
Wilkes - There were more Native Americans than Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving. 
Thomas - We also go hunting for turkey. Native American's danced at the first Thanksgiving.
Marcus - We eat cornbread stuffing.
Palmer - We give people things.
Jude - Friends or grown-up  serve turkey and chicken.
James - We give thanks to everybody.
Wills - On the first Thanksgiving they did not have pumpkin pie they had boiled pumpkin. Also, Squanto was kidnapped by Thomas Hunt.

W - What We Want To Know About Thanksgiving
West - Why do we have turkey on Thanksgiving?
Charlie - Why do some people hunt for turkeys?
Houston - Why do we have vegetables for Thanksgiving?
Wilkes - Why did the Pilgrims discover America.?
Jude - Why did the Pilgrims share their food with the Native American's?
Chrishton - Why do we give thanks?

L -What We Have Learned About Thanksgiving
Cabell - They had cornucopias.
Alex - I learned about Native American symbols.
Tucker - The Native American's had bow and arrows. 
Marcus - The Native American's how to hunt turkeys and grow corn. 

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