Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A KWL Christmas Chart!

We are back again with some questions, comments and a class brainstorm. A few weeks ago we made a KWL about Thanksgiving. Now we want to know all about Christmas! He is what we K - Know, W - Want to Know and L - Learned. We hope you enjoy and please e-mail us if you have anything to add at cperry@pdsmemphis.org.

Here is what we know about celebrating Christmas.
Palmer - We hang stockings
Wilkes -Rudolph has a shiny nose
James - Santa comes
Charlie - we make Christmas lists
Hyde - You hang stockings
Jude - We hang decorations up
Chrishton - Jesus was born
Marcus - we put candy canes on our tree
Matthew - you get presents
West - we put up Christmas trees
Alex - we celebrate Jesus because he is the main thing
Thomas - we make any kind of cookies for Santa and for us
Jackson - we put decorations on the tree
George - we don't really get snow
Tucker - whenever Santa comes we give him milk and cookies
Cabell - we eat candy canes

Here is what we want to know about celebrating Christmas:
Palmer - Why does Santa Clause come?
James - Why do people celebrate all different kinds of things on Christmas?
Wilkes - Why did Frosty the Snowman come alive?
Cabell - Why was Jesus born?
Charlie - How do they celebrate Christmas in Turkey?
West - Why does it snow?
George - Why does an elf come? 
Jackson - Why does Santa come down the chimney?
Matthew - Why do we put up Christmas trees?
Jude - Why does Santa leave presents under our Christmas tree?
Alex - Why do elves do crazy stuff?
Marcus - Why do the elves report to Santa?
Houston - Why do we leave milk and cookies for Santa?

We haven't finished out Christmas Around the World month yet so we still have a lot to learn but here is what we know so far. We will have to add more at the end of our Christmas unit.
Here is what we have leaned: 
James - La Bafana gives out candy to see which one is the King of all Kings.
Alex - In Honduras it isn't cold at Christmas.
Chrishton - Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah.
Wilkes - The legend of the poinsettia. 

We'll post more as we learn more! 
Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, what are your traditions? Please share with us. 

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