Friday, May 10, 2013

SK Mother's Day!

With Mother's Day upon us, we would like to share with the world why our moms are the best! We had a fun Mother's Day Picnic yesterday that included lunch out on the field, relay games and a HUGE game of Twister! Check out our Twister board!

A good time was had by all!

What is special about your mom?
Palmer - She snuggles anywhere with me.
Thomas - She is pretty and takes care of me.
George - She is pretty and special.
Hyde - She cooks dinner for me.
West - She snuggles up with me.
James - She plays Lego fighters with me.
Wilkes - She takes me to bowl.
Jackson - She takes me to Target.
Marcus - She tucks me in at night.
Houston - She had a water balloon fight with me.
Wills - She sings to me every night.
Charlie - She sleeps with me if I have bad dreams.
Alex - She married a very good daddy.
Jude - She always keeps me healthy because she only lets me play video games on the weekends.
Matthew - She plays Harry Potter on X-Box with me.

If I could get my mom anything in the world, I would get her a...
Palmer - a kiss
Thomas - a sister
Wilkes - a trip to L.A.
Chrishton - a trip to NYC
Hyde - a trip to the beach
George - a trip to Hollywood
Tucker - a trip to her mom's house
West - a trip to see her sister
James - a trip to Oklahoma City so we can see a Grizzlies away game
Jackson - a trip to Beverly Hills, CA
Matthew - a Macy's shopping trip and a trip to California
Houston - a giant water slide
Wills - private plane to go to Birmingham, AL to pick up the
 Taco Momma restaurant and bring it to Memphis
Charlie - a Chihuahua
Jude - I would get her ice cream and doughnuts and then take her to the beach so she can do anything she wants. Then I would get her pretty flowers, a statue of a bird and picture frame.
Alex - a giant heart that you can open and 100 kisses inside of it
Marcus - a diamond ring

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