Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snow Days

In the South we don't get much snow. When we do get any snow or ice it is a big event and we usually get out of school early. Today is one of those rare days. We don't have any snow on the weather map but we have some ice headed our way so we are headed home soon. Here are some of our icy afternoon plans! Do you get many snow days? What do you do on your snow days? 

Mrs. Perry - Drink coffee and watch TV!
Mrs. Ripper - I am going to work in Rhett's nursery.
James - Play with my new toy I got yesterday.
Wilkes - Play Poptropica
Charlie - Go home and play Nintendo Land on my Wii U.
Hyde - Play in my room.
Houston - I am going to do a craft with my babysitter.
Marcus - Play at home with my brother Kevin.
Palmer - Play Tiki Kart on my new iPad.
Jude - I am going to play Hero Factory and with my new battle ship.
Jackson - Play basketball with my brother Jerry.
Thomas - I am going to play Pop Tropica on my computer I got for Christmas.
Alex - Go to James's house.
West - Watch Lego Hero Factory on TV.
Matthew - Drink hot chocolate, play with my new Hot Wheels set and watch Sponge Bob.
Wills - Play with my new Scooby Doo set.
Tucker - I might play with my friend Nicholas.
George - Play Skylander Giants on my Wii.

Looks like there will be a lot of video games being played this afternoon....hopefully after homework is completed. Ha! Ha!

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