Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcome Spring! Our favorite thing!

Spring is almost here! We are looking forward to warm weather and Easter. The boys have listed some of their favorite things about Spring and they CLEARLY have Easter on their brains! Welcome Spring and feel free to share with us your favorite things. 

Alex - candy from Easter
Wilkes - The Easter Bunny
Charlie - Rainbows, the Easter Bunny and Peeps
Matthew - trees and Easter
Chrishton - Easter egg hunts
Houston - when Jesus comes back
Tucker - finding Easter eggs
Marcus - eating candy from Easter eggs
Palmer - Easter hunts and candy from the Easter Bunny
Thomas - going to my grandpa's to go on an Easter egg hunt and eating the chocolate carrots
Jackson - summer coming up
George - we get to play in the sun and the pool
Jude - chocolate bunnies
James - the Easter Bunny
West - Leprechauns and gold
Wills - going back to Birmingham to visit my grandparents for Easter

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